Text analysis software for translators and interpreters

IMPORTANT: The tool is no more mantained. All the technologies developed in this project have now been integrated in InterpretBank. This information and the latest version we have released are kept here for reference.

TranslatorBank/CorpusMode* is a free tool designed for professional translators and interpreters to collect and manage monolingual specialized texts from the Web (i.e. building specialized corpora), look them up in an interactive, user-friendly way and find terminological and phraseological information typical of a specific domain. It virtually supports any language, provided the respective resources are available. Out of the box resources are available for English, Italian, German and French.

If you use this software in academic context, please cite: "Revisiting corpus creation and analysis tools for translation tasks". In: Gallego-Hernández, Daniel and Rodríguez-Inés, Patricia (eds.), Special Issue: Corpus Use and Learning to Translate, almost 20 years on. Cadernos de Tradução, 36(1), 62-87 (2016).

The idea

The software has evolved from two different corpus-based projects: TranslatorBank (designed for translators) and CorpusMode (designed for interpreters). Even if the use of this tool for interpreters and translators may be different, we noticed that the two programs were getting closer with everyday. That's why we decided to join them in a unique toolkit and the "double" name.

Computer-assisted Interpreter Preparation

If you are interested in using TranslatorBank/CorpusMode in interpreting and in particular for the Computer-assisted Interpreter Preparation approach, here are some references:

Some more infos coming soon here...


If you are interested in using TranslatorBank for written translation and in particular in the use of corpus-based techniques for improving the quality of translations, here are some references:


The software is released as freeware. Some of the features:

TranslatorBank is still under development but can already be downloaded and used. Your feedback is welcomed!


TranslatorBank is still under development but can already be downloaded and used. Your feedback is welcomed!

The handbook for TranslatorBank is available here.