In the course of my scientific work I focused on structural aspects and their effects on the physical properties of monomeric and polymeric materials as well as nanocrystalline systems. According to the topic I used spectroscopic methods, diffraction methods, imaging and theoretical calculations. At the moment I focus on the development of electron diffraction tomography



Electron crystallography

- Development of standard procedures for structure analysis using electron crystallography

- Liquid crystalline monomers and polymers with ferroelectric or non-linear optical active properties - switching simulations and structure analysis



Electron microscopy

- Electron microscopic Investigations on nanoscopic systems and development of new electron microscopic methods



X-ray Structure analysis and quantum chemical calculations

- Three centre-interactions R-Sn···X (R=Hal, Ph, Me; X=NMe, O, S) - An experimental derived orbital description of Lewis-acidic tin compounds