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"Getting a SCSI chain working is perfectly simple
if you remember that there must be exactly three terminations:
one on one end of the cable, one on the far end,
and the goat,
terminated over the SCSI chain
with a silver-handled knife whilst burning *black* candles."
-- Anthony DeBoer

"SCSI is *not* magic. There are *fundamental* *technical* *reasons*
why you have to sacrifice a young goat to your SCSI chain
every now and then."
John F. Woods (

But if it is a differential SCSI chain,
you need two goats, one black and one white, and two ceremonies:
kill the black goat at high noon and the white one at midnight.
Same silver knife for both, of course.
Otherwise, the chain will be unbalanced
and things just get worse from there
as all the drives do the "washing machine dance"....
Self-terminating devices merely need to be left
with sufficient livestock and
they'll take care of the rest.
Graham Reed

Wait until you have the pleasure of trying
to mix standard SCSI, fast SCSI, & fast/wide SCSI on the same cable.
Ever heard of split terminators?
Forget goats, you need to sacrifice virgins
to appease the dark powers for that sort of stuff.
Lionel Lauer in asr

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