Sommersemester 2019, JGU Mainz
There is non-zero chance yuo might actually learn something


Dino Festi

Raymond van Bommel

Time and venue

The lectures are given on
Thursdays, 14:00 - 15:30 in Room 04-516, starting from Thursday 25.04.
If Thursday is holiday, the lecture will be held on the Wednesday before, 12-14 in a different room.


In the last decades quantum computation has proven to be a formidable tool to describe nature. Furthermore, it has also been used to show that some classical computationally hard problems could be easily solved using quantum computers. The most famous example is maybe given by Shor's algorithm: a quantum computer could run this algorithm and then break the RSA cryptosystem in polynomial time, undermining the safety of most of the security protocols used on the internet nowadays. The quantum computers currently developed are not yet powerful enough to run Shor's algorithm on real-life cryptosystems, but they are quickly improving, making the theory of quantum computation and quantum information more and more interesting for an increasingly broader audience.

In this seminar we will introduce the basics of quantum computation and quantum information, in order to understand how the Shor's and other quantum algorithms work. In doing so, we will mostly follow the first chapters of the book "Quantum Computation and Quantum Information" by Nielsen and Chuang.

Everybody, students and staff, is welcome to attend the seminar!


We shall follow the book Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Michael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang.


Date Topic Speaker Room
Th. 25 April Qubits Simon 04-516
Th. 2 May Quantum circuits I Matthias 04-516
Th. 9 May Quantum algorithms Raymond 04-516
Th. 16 May The postulate of quantum mechanics I Max 04-516
Th. 23 May The postulate of quantum mechanics II Robert R. 04-516
We. 29 May RSA Dino 01-525
Th. 6 June Quantum Fourier Transform Axel 04-516
Th. 13 June No seminar
We. 19 June Computing the order of an element Axel/Robert W. 04-224
Th. 27 June Shor's algorithm Axel 04-516