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Undergraduate research projects

We offer the following  types of undergraduate projects with duration of 6 to 12 months:
  • research internships
  • master/bachelor level projects for the life science, medicine, and dentistry students
  • practical year (or 1/2 year) for pharmacy students
  • medical doctorate scientific projects
As a rule, the projects shall lead to publication in a peer-reviewed journal, which requires a comparatively intense daily work schedule. During the work on the project, successful candidates will obtain comprehensive training in state of the art laboratory techniques (including but not limited to molecular cloning, mammalian cell culture, gene expression analyses, flow cytometry) as well as scientific writing.

Please note that we can host not more than 1-2 undergraduate students at a time. Therefore, please apply well in advance by e-mail with attached PDF file containing a short motivation letter (1/3 page in German or English), CV (1 page), academic transcript of records, and one or two most relevant certificates (optional). As of September 2019, next projects will be available starting from January/February 2020.

Short-term research internships are usually available annually in August-September over the International Summer School programme. For information about the application procedure and current topics navigate to the web site of the International Summer School (IMB, Mainz).

PhD/postdoc positions
International candidates can apply over one of the two tracks:

1) International PhD Programme (IPP) hosted by the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB, Mainz). Independently from current availability of positions in our lab, we encourage you to follow the link and explore the offers of over 50 member groups of one of Germany's top PhD programmes. Students of all nationalities, including Germans, are encouraged to apply via this track.

2) Individual research fellowships (limited to non-German residents
). To pursue your original research idea on one of the topic areas listed below, you can autonomously apply for funding from a national or international organisation. If you wish to do so, please email your motivation letter (1/2 page) and CV (1 page) along with title and a summary or brief outline of the proposed project (1 page or less) directly to Andriy in advance of your planned application. Your project should exploit structurally defined DNA modifications to address one of the following problems:
    - adversity pathways of damage in transcribed DNA;
    - nucleotide excision repair;
    - human mismatch repair;
    - mutagenicity of translesion DNA synthesis;
    - active DNA demethylation

In addition to the listed options, we are accepting applications from candidates ready to start in autumn 2019 (application deadline is 10 October). To the announcement

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