Our Mongolian working group posing on felsic volcanic rocks S of Ulaanbaatar, Central Mongolia.

In the foreground from left to right: Academician O. Tomurtogoo, Prof. G. Badarch, Prof. B.F. Windley (standing). The others are Mongolian supporting field staff.










Giant pillows in island arc sequence of southern Mongolia. Prof. B.F. Windley for scale.












260 Ma mylonitic granite-gneiss in Buteel Metamoorphic Core Complex, northern Mongolia. B.F. Windley and G. Badarch for scale.











Lunch break at post-tectonic granite massif in central Mongolia.












Landscape showing rolling hills exposing early Palaeozoic felsic volcanic rocks S of Ulaanbaatar, central Mongolia.












Lunch break while examining island arc sequence in southern Mongolia.













Camel in Gobi Desert of southern Mongolia.














Gurd in the northern Gobi Desert of Mongolia.










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