Top: Porphyritic granite-gneiss, Epupa Complex, NW Namibia. Age: 1758 +/- 3 Ma. SE of Okongwati

Bottom: Same rock in shear zone.










Mylonitic migmatitic granite-gneiss in shear zone, Epupa Complex, S of Red Drum, NW Namibia.











Ultramylonite in Puros shear zone, NE of Puros, NW Namibia.












Migmatitic granite-gneiss with in-situ melting to generate 1757 +/- 4 Ma Otjitanda Granite. E of Otjitanda, NW Namibia.











Yamirka posing on outcrop of porphyritic gabbro (leopard rock) in Ombepera River, Epupa Complex, NW Namibia











Desert elephant in Hoanib River, NW Namibia.












Bottom of  Van Zyl´s Pass, one of the most rugged roads in Africa. The road crossed highly sheared quartzites of the Nosib Group and underlying gneisses of the Palaeproterozoic Epupa Complex.











After getting stung by a scorpion and treated by the locals (Ovahimba Tribe)











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