Alfred Kröner


8 September 1939 in Kassel, Germany

Marital status:

Married since 1965, 2 children aged 33 and 30


1945-1950 - Primary School, Kassel

1950-1959 - High School, Kassel, matriculated in April 1959 

Military Service:

National Service in West German Army 1959/1960 specialized in ABC warfare. Additional training

in short periods 1961-1965. Present rank: Captain of Reserve. 



Technical University Clausthal-Zellerfeld, West Germany Geology, Mineralogy, B.Sc. in 1962 


University of Vienna, Austria, Postgraduate studies


Technical University Munich, West Germany, Geology

M.Sc. in structural geology June 1965


University of Cape Town, Precambrian Research Unit

Ph.D. December 1968, main fields: structural geology and geochemistry 

Professional career:


Temporary Junior Lecturer, Department of Geology, University of Cape Town


Exploration Geologist for base metal exploration in Namibia with Navarro

Exploration Ltd. 


Senior Research Fellow, Precambrian Research Unit, University of Cape

Town Research on Precambrian rocks of western South Africa and Namibia


Acting Director, Precambrian Research Unit, University of Cape Town

Administration and coordination of research, fundraising, supervision of

research students, teaching in structural and regional geology 

since 1977:

Full Professor of Geology, Department of Gesciences, University of Mainz,



Visiting Professor of Geophysics, Stanford University, USA, October 1981 to

April 1982, Research in palaeomagnetism 


Visiting Research Fellow, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian

National University, Canberra, Australia, August 1985 to February 1986.

Work ion the ion-microprobe 


Visiting Research Fellow, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian

National University, Canberra, September-November. Work on the ion-



Visiting Research Fellow, Dept. of Applied Geology, Curtin University of

Technology, Perth, Australia, January-March. Work on the ion-microprobe 


Visiting Research Fellow, Dept. of Applied Geology, Curtin University of

Technology, Perth, Australia, February-March. Work on the ion-microprobe 


Gledden Senior Research Fellow, University of Western Australia, Perth

Research on accretionary orogens

Fields of interest:

Tectonics of the continental crust, geochronology, geochemistry, palaeomagnetism, structural

geology, petrology. Major field of research: Precambrian crustal evolution

Professional experience and research activities:

Considerable field experience in many parts of the world (30 years), with emphasis on

Precambrian terrains. Consulting work in base metal exploration. Fundraising for major research projects.

Supervision of more than 40 Ph.D. and M.Sc. students so far.

Numerous international and interdisciplinary research projects with colleagues in the USA, Canada,

China, Australia, South Africa, Finland, UK, France, India, Egypt, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan

and Russia. Personal experience with mass spectrometers, ion microprobe, cryogenic magnetometer and various other analytical facilities. 


More than 260 research papers in earth science journals and books, co-author of one textbook,

editor of 3 multi-author books, editor of several special issues of international journals 

Awards and Honours:

- Jubilee Medal, Geological Society of South Africa, 1974;

- Fellow, Geological Society of America, 1982

- Distinguished lecture, French Academy of Sciences, 1982

- Honorary Professor, Northwest University, Xian, China, 1986

- Ananda Coomaraswamy Memorial Medal, Geological Society of Sri Lanka (2000)

- Emanuel Boricky Medal, Charles-University, Prague (2002)

- Fellow, Geological Society of South Africa (2004)

- NMGS/SHELL-Award, Nigeria, 2004.

International activities:

- Secretary, IUGS Commission on Tectonics (1978-1989)

- Chairman, Working Group 3 , International Lithosphere Program (1983-86)

- Leader, IGCP Projekt 280 “The oldest rocks on Earth” (1988-1993)

- President, Geologische Vereinigung (1986-91)

- Vice-President, European Union of Geosciences (1996-1999)

- Program Director, EUG 9, Strasbourg

- Member of Science Advisory Council, Tectonics Special Research Centre, Univ. of Western

Australia, Perth (since 1997)

- Member of Advisory Council, MPI für Chemie, Mainz (since 2000)

- Reviewer for DFG (Germany), NSF (USA), NERC (U.K.), ARC (Australia), NFR (Sweden),

FRD (South Africa), CRC (Canada), FFW (Austria), SNF (Switzerland), RFBR (Russia), ISF

(Israel), CNSF (Czech Republic), CNNSF (China)

Editorial activities:

- Co-editor (since 1984) of PRECAMBRIAN RESEARCH

- Co-editor (since 1996) of TERRA NOVA

- Associate Editor (1985-87) of TECTONICS         

- Editorial Board of GEOLOGY (1992-94)




- Editor of: "Precambrian plate tectonics" (Elsevier, 1981)

- "Precambrian tectonics illustrated" (with R. Greiling, Schweizerbart, 1984) and "Archaean

geochemistry" (with G.N. Hanson and A.M. Goodwin, Springer-Verlag, 1985)

- Editor of 10 special journal volumes containing international conference proceedings 





































































































































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