Linux High Performance SCSI & RAID

This information is dedicated to all those nameless people, who put endless hours into developing Linux and all the support people that need to answer countless stupid questions(like mine... Thanks for your patience Marc!).

Additions, contributions & bugfixes to these pages are welcome !
English is not my native language, so feel free to send me a note if you see some speeling errrors or bad grammar, etc.

  1. What is SCSI ?
  2. Why should you use SCSI ?
  3. What is RAID ?
  4. Why should you use RAID ?
  5. Choosing the right setup for your IO needs
  6. Optimize your setup for your IO needs
  7. The Linux SCSI subsystem
  8. The companies behind the hardware
  9. Other Information resources
  10. The EATA-{DMA,PIO} Homepage
  11. The Linux-I2O Homepage
  12. Last but not least: The humourous side....

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