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Group of Pedro Schwaller

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Sven Baumholzer

PhD Student


Kyra Klos

MSc Student


Eric Madge

PhD Student


Enrico Morgante



Wolfram Ratzinger

PhD Student


Christiane Scherb

PhD Student


Pedro Schwaller


Alexander Segner

MSc Student


Ben Stefanek


We are part of the Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP) group at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. On the THEP website you can find a complete list of our current students and postdocs.
We are also members of the Cluster of Excellence PRISMA and closely connected to the Mainz Institute of Theoretical Physics (MITP).

Former Members

Adrian Carmona (Postdoc, 2017-2019), now junior faculty at Granada University.
Hanna Mies (MSc Thesis, 2019), now PhD student at RWTH Aachen.
Maik Selch (MSc Thesis, 2018).
Julien Laux (BSc Thesis, 2018), now at JGU.
Christiane Scherb (Summer internship, 2017), now back for the PhD with us!
Bianca Mecaj (PRISMA internship, 2017), now PhD student at JGU.
Julian Parrino (BSc Thesis, 2017), now PhD student at JGU.


I am a professor in the Theoretical High Energy Physics group at Mainz University. The focus of my research group is on physics beyond the standard model and cosmology. We are trying to figure out why there is more matter than anti-matter in the Universe, what dark matter is made of and what kind of new physics the LHC might detect.

Some of the topics we are currently working on are:

Recent publications

All publications and preprints can be found on Inspire. If you are interested in doing your Bachelor, Master or PhD thesis in my group, please contact me (Please attach a short CV and transcripts of grades).


Current Lecture

Winter 2019/20: Theoretical Physics I: Mechanics (lecture notes and exercises)

Past Lectures

Summer 2019: Mathematical Methods (Mathematische Rechenmethoden) (lecture notes and exercises)
Winter 2018/19: Theoretical Physics 5 (Advanced Quantum Mechanics) (lecture notes and exercises)
Summer 2018: Finite Temperature Quantum Field Theory
Winter 2017/18: Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (QFT II) (lecture notes and exercises)
Summer 2017: General Relativity and Cosmology (lecture notes and exercises)
Winter 2016/17: Dark Matter (lecture notes)

Recent talks, lectures at summer schools, etc

BSM physics (part 1, part 2), given at 48. Herbstschule für Hochenergiephysik in Maria Laach, 2016

Curriculum Vitae

Academic positions


Awards and fellowships

Contact Us


  Institute of Physics (WA THEP), Staudingerweg 9, 02-131, 55128 Mainz

  +49 6131 39 20507