Environmental Modelling in the Climate System


Prof. Dr. Holger Tost

Institute for Atmospheric Physics
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
J.-J.-Becherweg 21
55128 Mainz

Phone: +49-(0)6131-39-24294

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Research Interests of Holger Tost

Atmospheric multiphase chemistry

A central focus of my research is to which degree clouds affect the chemical composition of the atmosphere, but also how atmospheric chemistry alters clouds and their properties, including atmospheric aerosol particles.
Both the partitioning between the gas phase and the atmospheric aerosol has a crucial role in these processes, but also their activation into cloud droplets.
Additionally, in the liquid phase of aerosol particles, and cloud and precipitation droplets irreversible chemical reactions take place, which modify the chemical composition of the solution, but also impact the gas phase.
In case of droplet evaporation, new and modified aerosol particles are formed, but also a partial evaporation of compounds into the gas phase takes place.

Atmospheric convection and its parameterisation in large scale models

This research topic deals with the parameterised representations of subgrid scale clouds (mostly convective clouds) in large-scale models and their associated processes. A focus is on convective transport in and around those clouds.

Earth System Modelling
The global interactions and feedbacks of atmospheric chemistry and the climate of the Earth system can only be described and analysed with the help of comprehensive Earth System Models.
For that purpose I develop and apply the global chemistry climate model EMAC .