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Mrs. Natividad[1] : Good morning. Do you speak English / Spanish?
Ña Nati: mba’éichapa ne ko’ê. Reñe’êkuaápa inglépe / karai ñe’ême?

Jasy: I'm sorry, I  dont speak english.
: Añembyasyete, nañe’êkuaái inglépe.

Mrs. Natividad: Unfortunately, I speak only a little Guarani.
Ña Nati: Añe’êkuaamichimi mante guaraníme, anga.

Jasy: No problem. You speak already very well.
: Ndaipóri problema. Reñe’ê porãitereíma.

Mrs. Natividad : Thank you.
Ña Nati: Aguyjevete ndéve.

Jasy: ; Qu te vaya bien
Jasy: Tereiko porãke.

Jasy: Good afternoon.
: Mba’éichapa nde asaje?

Ña Nati: Good afternoon, have you met my friend Epifanio?
Ña Nati
: Iporãnte ha nde. Rehecháma piko che irû Poli?

Jasy: No, I haven't had the pleasure.[2]
: Nahániri, ndahechái chupe.

Ña Nati: Jasy, this is Epifanio.
Ña Nati
: Jasy, peína ápe che irû Poli.

Jasy: I'm very glad to meet you.
: Che roryete roikuaávo.

Ña Nati: Epifanio is visiting me from Encarnación. He is staying for three weeks.
Ña Nati: Poli ou Itapúagui cherechávo.
Opytáta ko’ápe mbohapy semana.

Jasy: I hope you enjoy your stay, Policarpo. This is a very nice place to visit.
Jasy: Hi’ãnte chéve revy’a ko’ápe, Poli.
Oî heta mba’e hechapyrãva.

Carlos: Hello. How are you?
Kalo: Mba’éichapa reiko?

Ña Nati: I'm fine. How are you?
Ña Nati
: Aiko porãmínte, ha nde?

Carlos: I'm fine, thank you.
Kalo: Aiko porã avei.

Ña Nati: How is your family?
Ña Nati
: Mba’éichapa oiko nde rogaygua?

Carlos: They are doing fine.
Kalo: Oiko porãmba.

Ña Nati: It was nice to see you.
Ña Nati
: Avy’a rohechávo.

Carlos: See you later.
Kalo: Jajoechapeve.

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[1]  (name in which language? In Guarani with spanish names it’s not usual to employ last names). The person 1 seems no to be Paraguayan, so maybe  you would give him an English last name?

[2]  Courtesy forms are not very usual in Guarani.



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