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Björn Wiemer

Kontakt Prof. Dr. Björn Wiemer
Institute of Slavistics
Room 00-516
Jakob-Welder-Weg 18 (Philosophicum)
55099 Mainz

Phone +49 (0)6131 39-22186
Fax +49 (0)6131 39-24709

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae
since Oct. 2007
Full Professor (Chair of Slavic Linguistics) at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz
April 2003 - Sept. 2007
Assistant Professor (non-tenure track) at Constance University
June 2002
Postdoctoral Dissertation (Habilitation) at Constance University
Sept. 1996
PhD at Hamburg University (Supervisor: Prof. V. Lehmann)
April 1996 - March 2003
Research Assistant at the Chair of Slavic Languages (Prof. W. Breu) at Constance University
Okt. 1993 - July 1995
Jan. - March 1993
Graduate Student at Warsaw University
August 1992
M.A. at Hamburg University
Sept. 1990 - Juny 1991
Visiting Student at Leningrad University
1987 - 1992
Student of (a) East and West Slavic Philology, and (b) General Linguistics at Hamburg University
August, 13th, 1966
Born in Hamburg.

Additional information concerning research and teaching activities
April 2007
Invited Guest lectures at Pavia University (invited by A. Giacalone Ramat) on (i) evidentiality and (ii) grammaticalization (Erasmus)
March 2007
Co-convenor and organizer of a symposium on "Lexical means of evidentiality in Slavic languages"
May - June 2006
Invited Guest lectures at Warsaw University on (i) "Lexical means of evidentiality in Polish", (ii) "Complex predicates in Polish", (iii) "Possessive Resultatives in Polish" (Erasmus)
April 2006
Co-organizer of (and talk given during) the conference on "Langues baltes, langues slaves: contact, confrontation, comparaison" in Paris, conducted in connection with the International Commission of Baltic-Slavic Language Relations
July 2005
Convenor and organizer of a workshop on "Grammaticalization and language contact" during the conference "New Reflections on Grammaticalization 3" (Santiago di Compostela, Spain), together with B. Hansen (Regensburg)
Sept. 2004
Series of lectures on the application of RRG on Lithuanian morphosyntax at the Lithuanian Language Institute (Vilnius) and Vilnius University (supported by the DFG)
July 2004
Organizer of the workshop "Applications of RRG in diachronic syntax" during the 4th RRG Conference in Dublin
Feb. 2001
Organizer of the international colloquium on "Grammaticalization vs. Lexicalization" (financed within the SFB 471)
Jan. 2000 - June 2003
Supervisor of a research project on "Preservation, interference and internal evolution in the South-East Slavic-Baltic contact area – the example of the aspectual behaviour of verbs" (part of the SFB 471)
Feb. - March 1998
Seminars at the Vytautas Magnus-University in Kaunas (Lithuania), hold in Lithuanian and financed by TEMPUS
Oct. 1997
Co-Founder (with M. Giger, Zurich) of the International Forum "Europäische Slavistische Linguistik / European Slavic Linguistics (POLYSLAV) " (Inaugural conference at Constance University)
Sept. 1997 - Sept. 2000
Participation in the project "A formal description of the verb lexicon, semantic prediction of morpho-syntactic combinability and meaning shifts", financed by INTAS, together with E.V. Padučeva, Tat’jana Janko (Moscow) and Andrew Spencer (Essex)

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