Seminar Mathematics and Atmospheric Physics


For the community seriously interested in mathematics and atmospheric physics, this seminar should serve as an opportunity for exchange and discussion. The seminar is set up as a virtual event to allow participation across different regions. It is held regularly every month (usually first/second Wednesday of the month). The seminar usually starts at 16h (local time, i.e. CET/CEST) on zoom.


The next upcoming event is indicated in blue

Time Title Speaker
14 September 2022 TBD TBD
3 August 2022 TBD TBD
6 July 2022 Supercooling super-droplets: on particle-based modelling of immersion freezing Sylwester Arabas, Jagiellonian University
15 June 2022 A suite of Richardson preconditioners for semi-implicit all-scale atmospheric models Piotr Smolarkiewicz, NCAR
1 June 2022 How white is the sky? Nedjeljka Zagar, University of Hamburg
11 May 2022 Cloud formation in turbulent Rayleigh-Benard convection Raymond Shaw, Michigan Technological University
13 April 2022 shifted to 1 June
9 March 2022 Conservation Principles for Moist Potential Vorticity: A Hamiltonian Approach Parvathi Kooloth, University of Wisconsin-Madison
16 February 2022 Balanced data assimilation with a blended numerical model: Acoustic imbalances Ray Chew, FU Berlin
19 January 2022
17:15 local time
QG-DL-Ekman: Dynamics of a diabatic layer in the quasi-geostrophic framework Rupert Klein, FU Berlin
15 December 2021 cancelled
3 November 2021 Is running a model enough to produce a weather forecast? Bridging the gap between science and operations Manuel Baumgartner & Andreas Lambert, German Weather Service
6 October 2021 A hierarchy of ice cloud models Peter Spichtinger, JGU Mainz
15 September 2021 The gas centrifuge - An opportunity to study atmospheric gravity waves in the laboratory Mark Schlutow, FU Berlin
18 August 2021 Data assimilation and its applications in uncertainty quantification and prediction Nan Chen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
21 July 2021 Pattern formation in clouds via Turing instabilities Juliane Rosemeier, JGU Mainz
9 June 2021 Planetary geostrophic Boussinesq dynamics: barotropic flow, baroclinic instability and forced stationary waves Stamen Dolaptchiev, Goethe University Frankfurt
5 May 2021 Potential vorticity and balanced and unbalanced moisture Alfredo Wetzel, University of Washington
7 April 2021 Adaptive Multilevel Monte Carlo Sampling for Processes of Cloud Formation Stephanie Schwab, JGU Mainz


If you are interested in participating, please contact me, the events and access links will be further distributed via email.

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